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S2T2 Sports Apparel’s mission as a Youth Brand is to provide an economical sports apparel line for youth while delivering an equal balance of encouragement and eagerness to excel for all young athletes around the world. Our Brand believes that if your appearance is superb your strength to perform will be elevated to the next level.

S2T2: Strength to The Second Power


S2T2 Sports Apparel

This Moisture Wick-away Compression line was inspired by Syhion and Semaj amazing strength, powerful smiles and faithful words of encouragement during the loss of their Father on September 1, 2013. Through various sports these young men were able to keep their minds occupied and not focus too much on the unexpected incident. Sports for young children experiencing lyfe* altering events is like therapy. So for these young men to decide to launch a sports clothing line was an awesome reflection of how the therapy of Sports aided them in the healing process!

In their few years on earth they have shown strength unheard of and reasons beyond imagining to push through day after day - situation after situation. While brainstorming for a compelling company name with a lasting impact, several variations of Strength stood out. The two of them agreed on S2T2 which means Strength to The Second Power.


The decision to officially release S2T2 Sports Apparel line on September 1, 2017, gives a constant reminder each year to never limit yourself because of an unfortunate situation. They also aim to empower their culture to become men of power and to have a purpose in every stride no matter how much lyfe* throws their way. Syhion and Semaj are striving to create something they can call their own! Something with a lasting impact on other youth that may have or will experience difficulties from the loss of a loved one. Instead of tears every year this date, they will honor their dad by remembering the day they became Young Men!

*lyfe – Living life without the “Y” serves no purpose.

#Goals: Ocoee brothers run successful clothing line and become published authors

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