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What you're about to purchase is not a collection of words strung into beautiful sentences. Its Hearts laid open!!!

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Life happens for youth the same way life happens for Adults. For years the issue of youth have been minimized, and most youth are expected to heal, ignore and move on without being heard. Well this year 2020 is a new beginning for youth and their issues and this book is designed to help youth all over the world recognize that now it's time for them to raise their voice and tell their stories. The teen years are a time of physical and emotional changes and at times during this stage LIFE really happens. All youth deserved to be seen and most importantly HEARD! The youth in this compilation are serving as world leaders and sharing their highs, lows, and in between. They are sharing their stories in hopes that other youth recognize that they are not alone. Practical life lessons are shared by each author to encourage the reader to know that there is hope. Stories of life lessons taught at an early age to preteens and teenagers who refuse to give up!

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